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WildHeart videopoker is one of the exclusive online casino games available for play at Slotland


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Triple Videopoker game

The WildHeart is a variation of the popular DoubleJoker videopoker game. The game offers triple play giving you a chance of winning on 3 lines at a time.
3, 54-card decks are used, with the 53rd and 54th cards being the jokers or wild cards. The wild card can be used as any card, for example as the missing card to complete a straight or the fifth heart in a heart flush. The object of the WildHeart is to obtain the best possible poker hands.
Because of the advantage of wild cards, the minimum rank for a winning hand is 2 pairs.
On the initial deal, you will be dealt the same five cards face up on all 3 lines. Then you may hold all cards dealt or can receive up to 5 new cards per each line.

3 times the fun with this triple videopoker game! Ideal for advanced players. Get a royal flush with the maximum bet to scoop the big progressive jackpot.
No download is necessary. Once you have opened an account, you can just go to the webpage any time you feel like a quick game. You can bet up to $5 on each line.



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