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The GOLDEN 8 - One of the best online slot machines available for play at Slotland



The Golden8 is 9 wheel, 8 payline slot machine, available exclusively at Slotland online casino for real cash gambling. No download is needed. You can open an account and try for the jackpot within minutes.
You can bet from $.50 to $1.50 on each line.
Like all progressive jackpot slots you have to gamble the maximum amount of coins on the winline to scoop the big one.
It features some of the largest slot wheels we have seen at an internet casino, and a great bonus feature where you can use strategy to maximize your winnings.

At the start of a new game, there are six small diamonds located under your account information. Each time you get three diamond symbols on the screen, one of your diamonds is highlighted. When all six diamonds are highlighted, you get a free BONUS SPIN. Not every bonus spin will win, but the spins that do win may be quite large.
The amount won will be based on the amount bet on the last normal spin. This is where strategy plays a role - you may want to increase your bet when you are close to earning the bonus spin.


A great multiple line slot machine which has seen some huge jackpots won in the past.
The Golden 8 is great fun to play and simple to learn, and you have a chance to win big on the bonus spin if you remember to maximize your bet just before you get it.
Highly recommended.


Try the Golden 8 today at Slotland online casino.

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No downloads necessary - Just open an account and start playing in minutes.

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