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The HEAVY METAL - One of the best online casino slot machines available for play at Slotland


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The is a 3 wheel, 4 payline slot available exclusively at Slotland online casino for real cash gambling.
No download is needed. You can open an account and try for the jackpot within minutes.

Heavy Metal is one of the first online casino slots that lets you place bets on your game history.

There is a blue display where you can can see the results from your last three spins at all times.
It creates three new paylines which pay off the same way as the slot's main one. Payline A, B and C

If you get, say, a star on the first wheel three times in a row, you will be paid 80 times a bet on "Line A". Each wheel's history pays off in the same way, so watch the blue display to decide whether to place your bets or not. Furthermore, a feature "Hold" appears randomly during play. It lets you hold some of the slots wheels, allowing you to determine your game history for your next spin and, occasionally, a certain win.

You will want to bet maximum coins when you can hold to get a certain win.

BONUS FEATURE. If you spin 3 diamonds on the first payline you can light th ebonus to win free spinss.

A nice machine with the novel past results display, which adds some chance for gambline tactics. The jackpot is progressive and is linked to the sites other slot machines, so it can climb extremely high.

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Booster is a three wheeled, single line slot machine game with some original new features. You can bet from .50c to £5 per spin, or even more if you get the BOOSTER symbols, in which case you can bet up to 10 times as much as your original bet, allowing for some BIG wins.
The BOOST symbol is also wild and can substitute for another symbol in the payline.

BOOST: When the lever is pulled, the reels spin. Every time the BOOST symbols appear, the game is interrupted and you can select either to keep the current bet placed or raiseyour bet 10 times by pulling the smaller arm underneath, instead of the big one. At least one BOOST symbol is guaranteed in the payline's final result at this time. If you pull a winspin you know it is going to be big. And even if you lose, the wager goes into the 'fund' and you have a chance to win it back later!

THE FUND: Any losing bets are added to the special fund. including 10 times 'boosted' bets. You can cash in the fund at any time for 10% of its value or you may wish to wait to try to recover ALL of your previously lost wagers by hitting the special WIN/LOSE spin.
This special spin occurs when you get 3 chip symbols on the payline. When this happens the next spin will starts a very cool feature.
Three WIN symbols on the payline will win the entire Fund back. Otherwise, the entire value of the Fund is reset to $0. You must decide whether to get a guaranteed 10% of your lost wagers back at any time or to wait for the WIN/LOSE round and try to recapture 100% of the Fund...


A nice machine suited to players who love to bet big - With the BOOST feature you can raise the maximum bet from $5 to $50, with some BIG wins possible. You also have a chance to get any losing bets back with the WIN/LOSE spin - A popular feature that is sure to be replicated in the future..

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Try the Heavy Metal and BOOSTER slots today at Slotland online casino.

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No downloads necessary - Just open an account and start playing in minutes.


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