The #1 video blackjack slot machine - Play the Spacejack progressive slot.


The Space Jack - An exclusive online blackjack casino slot machine available for play at Slotland


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Play one of the favorite online games at Slotland - A Video Blackjack card game in a slot machine.

The SpaceJack slot is a version of the traditional blackjack card game.
This is a skill-based slot video blackjack game with various playing and betting strategies.

Like regular casino blackjack, the object of SpaceJack is to obtain a total of 21 points per hand or as close to 21 points without exceeding 21. Aces count as a 1 or 11, face cards count as 10 and all remaining cards are worth their face value. You always play with with 3 hands at a time..
In the beginning, the dealer and all your hands are dealt two cards. Then you may draw cards however if you decide to do so, a new card is added to ALL of your hands. If any of them exceeds 21 points, it busts and the wager is lost. If your hand beats the Dealer, it wins.

You can bet up to $20.00 on each of your hands. The SpaceJack is played with 4 decks which are shuffled after each hand. The dealer always stands on 17. The rules are simplified in comparison with the original Blackjack game. eg there is no surrender option, no splitting pairs and no insurance available.

Game Review.
A nice machine with some fun features. The jackpot is progressive and is linked to the other Slotland slot machines, so everytime someone plays the jackpot increases until someone wins big!.


Try the SpaceJack video blackjack slot machine today at Slotland online casino.

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No download is necessary - You can open an gambling account to play video blackjack within minutes.


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